Hi, I am John Panzone D.O.

My mission is to help adults with depression/anxiety live life to their full potential.

I understand you are more than your diagnosis and that finding the right treatment begins with listening to your needs and concerns. My approach to practicing Psychiatry is about being a team player because I believe being directly responsive to your needs will lead to a positive outcome.

At Panzone Psychiatry, Medication Management is an integral part of the process, ensuring your ongoing regimen is working optimally for you. This means that follow-up appointments will be more than a quick in-and-out check-in but a time to modify prescriptions if needed.

Having worked as an inpatient psychiatrist at an inner-city hospital, I am well versed in prescribing pharmaceuticals. I have first-hand experience seeing the nuances of how medications work in a large segment of the population, making me uniquely qualified to offer this knowledge to my private practice patients.

With my comprehensive understanding of the risks and benefits of medications, I know that not every patient will need medication, and I will only offer treatment if truly needed. I also make efforts to reduce the number of medicines in a patient’s treatment regimen to avoid redundancy and side effects.

I am board-certified and licensed in New York and Connecticut. My Telehealth practice offers a very flexible schedule for my very busy patients.